CO2 Capture Sorbent Performance Evaluation


Despite a significant effort to develop new materials—sorbents—for carbon dioxide (CO2) storage, the research has typically not moved beyond the discovery phase to a lab or pilot study. Without the application of the sorbents in real-life industrial processes, it is impossible to understand how they may impact the performance of an operation. The CO2 Capture Sorbent Performance Evaluation, ongoing at Imperial College, will establish performance criteria and a screening methodology to evaluate existing or new sorbents for application by the oil sands industry.

The Technology

The study will review existing sorbents used for CO2 capture to develop a methodology for oil sands operators to evaluate their use at their facilities.


The project aims to develop a mathematical tool to:

  • Establish a performance benchmark for adsorbent/absorbent-based CO2 processes and materials
  • Enable the efficient evaluation of solid and liquid materials for CO2 capture
  • Guide the identification of the desired properties for sorbent-based CO2 capture systems that are relevant to oil sands operations.

Potential/Actual Environmental Benefits

CO2 capture and storage will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from oil sands operations.


  • A materials database of existing public domain data of liquid and solid phase sorbents applicable to the oil sands industry
  • A sorbent evaluation toolkit to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of any new sorbents as well as to provide guidance on material performance targets that are relevant to the oil sands industry.