Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre


In 2017, up to $20 million in funding was announced by the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta for the development of the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC). The ACCTC will be one of the few places in the world where carbon conversion technologies can be tested at a commercial scale. Finalists in the natural gas track of the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE will be among the first tenants to test solutions at the ACCTC, starting in 2018.

The Technology

The ACCTC will be owned and operated by InnoTech Alberta, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates. It will consist of five test bays, each to be tied into existing flue gas from one of the natural gas turbines at the Shepard Energy Centre in Calgary. The flue gas will be delivered at operating temperature and pressure, containing approximately three to five percent carbon dioxide (CO2), providing a feed stream of up to 25 tonnes per day of CO2.


Design, build and operate a one-of-a-kind-facility to test carbon conversion technologies at a commercial scale that will be operated by InnoTech Alberta.

Potential/Actual Environmental Benefits

CO2 conversion technologies have been identified as a significant opportunity to offset greenhouse gas emissions, turning CO2 from a liability into an asset.


The ACCTC will fill a gap in the CO2 conversion innovation system, providing a one-of-a-kind facility to accelerate the development of CO2 conversion technologies. It will be available to finalists in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE in the second quarter of 2018. Following the award of the competition prize, it will be made available for use by developers seeking to demonstrate their carbon conversion technologies at a commercial scale.